Find my sweater, you loon!



Belgian sheepdogs are brilliant, as far as dogs go, but they're so goofy and playful I've found they make unreliable retrievers. Unless you happen to also have an actual retriever around for competition then they automatically become brilliant at that too for the duration. Top of the pack, in fact. Due to their grace in movement, pure poetry, I've had them actually out-retrieve retrievers, adroitly and gently present the object like a wrapped gift, then drop the whole idea of retrieving like a hot rock once the competition is gone. It's an attitude thing. I've had them stand over the retrieval object and look at me as if to say, "Really? This idiotic game again?" And that after already doing it with more grace than you ever imagined a dog could possess. The dogs are super responsive to commands, in fact they live to obey their handler, but they love messing with you. You wonder at times, just who's training whom?