ice cream


Made with a little ice cream maker from eBay. At the time I thought, "Am I really going
to use this thing? Now, think carefully."
Think, thinky-think, thinky-think think ... 
because if I end up just storing this thing I'm going to regret it, 
Think, thinky-think, thinky-think think.  
"Yes! I will use it."
And sure enough, it's one of my favorite things. Gets used all the time. The thing is, it's
so cheap, it's like a little toy.
Did you know you can make ice-cream in two zip-lock plastic bags? Well, you can! Put
the mixture in a plastic bag. Close it tight. Get it cold, nearly freezing. Put that bag inside
another bag. Fill with ice. Add salt. Toss the bag around your back yard, or your most
expensively decorated and unprotected interior, for about 20 minutes or until the mixture
begins to firm.
Search [+"ice cream" +"plastic bags"] if you think I'm pulling your leg, because I'm not!
That up there ^^^ was made with real fruit in the original packaging provided by nature.
Did you know according to Atkins, cream is less fattening than milk? <--- Now, that right
there is counterintuitive. The reason Atkins gives is milk fat is not at all fattening, but
lactose, milk-sugar which converts into body fat, is. <--- A woman beholden to Atkin's,
who used to be a water buffalo but is presently a slender sylph-like slip of a nymph told me
that. She was a shameless whore at the VFW, and flaunted her thinness. It was disgusting.
However, it was rumored Atkins himself weighed in at 200 LBS just before he perished after
suffering a heart attack, congestive heart failure, and hypertension. Rumors, circulated by
vegetarian activists, and which his family denies, and which Snopes, final arbiter and authority
on all things urban-mythical, concludes undetermined. What's known is, he fell, and went
boom, sustained head injuries at age 72 outside his office. What's not a rumor, though, is that
Atkins Nutritionals itself filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2005. Just say'n.
Come to think of it, I'm tired of all this cream. It's kind of gross. I think I'll switch over to
gelato. Watermelon sounds good right now.