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training film -- Gore

Most stoic ex-vice prexident and
failed presidential candidate ever.

training film -- Gore

Understand, dictators seek dictatorship over things greater than mere countries.



all-terrain utility ballerina droid

because you never know when the urge for a pas de deux will come upon you

(not pictured, R2-Desmund)




Oh no! I've come into possession of art that is so famous it can not be fenced and therefore must be returned to the museum whence it was stolen!

Edvard Munch
(pronounced Moonk Moohnk monk Muenk with a g+ch sound at the end however you wish)

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scream vogue

Ladies with an attitude Fellows that were in the mood Don't just stand there, let's get to it Strike a pose, there's nothing to it


Watching the Madonna video concurrently in another window cracks me up. I keep thinking how I could make it better, or more exact, but then I think how incredibly vapid the lyrics and inane the premise and yet so infectious and compulsive the result that it causes me to no longer care. So check it out, now together for the first time, Munch's Scream and Madonna's Vogue.


Being shaped like a camel tends to attract more flies

but offers little in protection.

Français 101


Fron say un oh un

Awl ewe knead two no


She's big at the Tate.
Where admission is free.

John Everett Millais


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