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Señor Castro una ves mas


Presidente por vida

Por vida. Ha ha ha ha ha. Oy, dios mios. 

I've got this thing about Castro right now.


Explain please how a decrepit communist dictator sporting an Adidas athletic jacket is not an example of rare cognitive dissonance or straight up disassociation or something else psychologically separated.

Ahmedinnerjacket & Chavez 



Told you before, these dictators are all teh ghey



Zeeshan Siddiqui



Professional rager out of Sprinagar,Kashmir, India. Something of a pyro when it comes to flags, eminently Photoshoppable®

Bush Pelosi

Nothing. Saw it and couldn't resist.

Gerhard Schroeder

Received an honorary doctorate from the
University of Damascus

(for his positive stances towards Arab causes and his belief in dialogue between cultures, international cooperation and coexistence.)  
And that's a good thing, innit.

Pali Kitty

W3 r n ur k4bn3t

pn n L ur p4prz

occurs in fits and starts

egg first -- 100% of fact

LOL Palis

A member on b3ta.com, always so polite, remarked, "That's rather shite." Probably for the absence of cats.

Suzanne Somers

Turns out three was a crowd.

No I'm not suggesting Somers is like a dog.
I'm suggesting she's like a puppy.

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