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Mary Lacy

D.A., Boulder, CO


tojours la même histore

Rosie O'Donnell -- Truther 

R U 4 r34Lz? She's always totally cracked me up, and I adore her as Sheila Kingston in Exit to Eden, an Anne Rice story directed by Gary Marshall, just to show you how great that is.
OMG! That was so ten pounds of sausage packed into a five pound casing, but you know, she honestly never looked better.

with his innnnnnteresting face


 Turn a frown upside down

So you do and spack that happens.



Floaty Crowe. He's such a stud. You know he died, like what, three times in Gladiator? Live, die, live, die, live, die, will you stay dead already? Showing dying like that,  rising slightly over shifting leaves, turned out to be such a great technique it was repeated twice for a total of ||| times but who's counting?.


Tetra peril

And let that be a lesson.

Oracle tree


With oscar.
Long suffering the Gore Effect, 
off to Stockholm.

Update: October 
told ya.

House and cars

(with gull)

(wif gull and lurvely bg wot i drawed)

click for oceanographic splendor
A comment to this image on b3ta.com was, "The bird looks remarkably calm considering a giant caterpillar is crawling past it."


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