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Venus flytrap
grew an arm just for this joke

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indignant tulip
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Stephen Harper
Pardon my pedantry but I really must say this, the word "whomever" is incorrect here as it refers to the person performing the action and not to the object of the sentence. The way to tell is, somebody does something to someone. The person doing the thing is the subject and the person having something done to them is the object. So there should never be a sentence construct such as " whomever did something terribly obscene blah blah blah ..." Although there could be a sentence construct something like " whomever took it up the bum ..." or something like that. It's a bit tricky, this subject / object business but it's an important distinction and I'd expect better from a Prime Minister. Eh?

red carpet
+Saragamo bag and shoes
+Cathy Waterman jewelry


total ellipsis



Hillary training film


She's too fast. I must concentrate training the animals for speed. The thing is, she was left unbothered, her dictatorial propensities notwithstanding, but now she's taken up pointing and jabbing the air as to make a point or perhaps to kill one. And now it's out of my hands, the animals behave instinctively, to them it's all fun


cell colony















alouette animated gif
Please stop tormenting that poor little lark, you freak.
a'splain dis

Oh, sadness descends upon us like a funerary pall. That is to say
very dark and sad, because we have run out of animations and must
now make another selection in order to carry on.  Or else give up.
And that wouldn't do because we're not quitters.
And besides, we've only just begun.