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 big Tex

big tex

giant sign seen in Texas


bo cartwheel
bo cartwheels


rotating crops   

Fred and Gladys

keeps the flies off

Carolle Doucette

Carolle Doucette Candy doll

Charles and Harry     





sport commontaters


You got your Russets, your Yukon Golds, your Ruby Reds, 

and your NorDonnas, you got your Alleganys your Ontarios ...


Falun Dafa 
Falun Dafa


Heineken maneuver 
Heineken maneuver


hos e'ouevres 



ink pen 
ink pen
ink pen magnified

Knowing how things work helps extend the 
useful life of everyday household objects. 

Jim's flower
Jim's flower

Judith Martin        

Judith Martin


kinder surprise
Chocolate hollow egg with a toy inside that once
assembled is often larger than the egg itself. Enjoyed by children all over the civilized world where chocolate holds up. Plus, the toys are more interesting than anything found in Cracker Jacks. Banned in the U.S. by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, party pissers all, who have determined you mustn't have any fun, because you know, as parents you lack the good sense to make sure your three year old little darlings don't stuff the toy capsules into their cookie holes and choke to death. Therefore, to refill your supply of Kinder Surprises, they must be procured via
  the internets  or otherwise smuggled.
  +Dr. Who, of course.
Tardis = time and space traveling vehicle with an alterable exterior appearance, usually some kind of unobtrusive box like an English police call box or a telephone booth, much larger inside than out. Here, the tardis is disguised as a Kinder Surprise egg which can go perfectly well camoflaged nearly anywhere in the galaxy except the United States





 Pope John Paul 
I never liked that thing the pope carried. ↓ Sorry. It always looked to me like a weapon, and popes shouldn't be carrying weapons, at least not obvious ones, that's what cardinals and bishops are for. I didn't care much for him waving around the crucifix like that. So this came out. Apologies, I've got nothing against clergy.


Pope and bishops





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