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Yeast cells

sacchromyces cerevisiae

life cycle, all in one thing.  




yeast cell

The most extensively studied organism in science-
100 % of scientific fact.

Shown here in its haploid, shmoo, diploid, and unfortunate spoor states. Which pretty much covers them all. Brilliant survivalists, they are, capable of extraordinary feats of self-preservation, and under extreme circumstances too, which makes it possible to capture their little airborne selves, cultivate them and 
use them in producing bread, beer and wine.

[Shown up there ↑ in 77 frames of a mere 47.84K -- no brag, just fact.]

Measuring yeast activity ↓ improvised with multipurpose measuring utility

Takes 10 minutes to fill the balloon, and that's a very important visualization to have.

Yeasties & beasties

So that you know exactly what they look like, otherwise they're microscopic.


 Ninth Circuit

9th circuit court of apples
Court of Apples

inside the Court of Apples

inside the Ninth Circuit Court of Apples

inside the inside the Court of Apples

inside the inside the Ninth Circuit Court of Apples
Hawkins----- Pregerson----- McKeown.

Hawkins, particularly, will go for the laugh.

Blasphemous balls



You know, you're not supposed to use your hands.

Glasgow airport

Glasgow airport

Yes, they would have a wee on you were you on fire.



Seen these boyfriends?



     FBI would like to know.



USAF chapel



E. Fudd 

USAF chapel

USAF chapel
Now with compressed accordion space saving convenience. 




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