Pop-up card birthday
mushroom log

Construction process

The mechanism consists of a split table, the log, with three V-tabs, two under the log and one on top of the log. Content is attached to the V-mechanisms, and to the bottom of the table, the log,  and on the background which is plain white.  The cover is a sketch in ink.  

100 LB Bristol paper scored for 3/4" tall I-bars and 1/2" tall V-tabs

scoring Bristol paper for I-bars and V tabs.

Strips cut for i-bars and v-tabs

Glue only on the Xs

glue only on the X's

Fold in half to create one long I-bar to be cut into chunks the width of the log.

fold to create one long i-bar


I-bar cut into chunks

attaching the log

An extra piece not planned, a squarish tube attached to the back of the
 V-tab in order to extend the edge beyond the log so content can be attached.

extera piece

V-tabs attached, content attached to V-tabs, card finished.

card finished 1

card finished 2

card finished 3