Pop-up card
mushroom log

The idea for this card was inspired by the photography on Ann Althouse's blog.

It depicts a log with mushrooms on it along with a few other woodsy items.  I almost put a fairy in it, but please.

This card is intended either for my sister or for my sister-in-law whose birthdays coincide.  I'm ahead of schedule so I have time to contrive another card then decide which one goes to whom.  It's arbitrary as the cards have no significance whatsoever, nor any message. I trust they both understand it's just a weird little something for their birthday. They live on opposite sides of the country.

mushroom log pop-up card envelope

card slipping from envelope

front of card

card cracked open showing insides

card 45 degrees opened showing content unfoding

card 90 degree opened content beginning to stand up

card 120 degrees opened

card 165 degrees opened

card fully opened

card fully opened 2

card fully opened 3

The construction process for this card can be viewed on another page, here.