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So, you're here then.  I'll assume you're a perfectly nice person. I'm often wrong, but I do prefer to at least pretend.

I've got this thing about hacking the US national food industry.  It all started one bright sunny day en tiempos muy remotos in a land far away.  Actually, the land was about eight miles from here. There I was, bright-eyed and bushy-haired, minding my own business and reading the contents of a box of Pasta RoniŪ
Fettucini Alfredo, which was one of my favorite things.  I was aware it was nothing more than ordinary pasta with a flavor packet that somehow magically and mysteriously formed a sauce when milk is added.  Quaker Oats didn't even have the common decency to include powdered milk in the flavor packet.  Those sauces. There must be something terribly arcane about them that only a true magician could master. I grew up thinking industry and acomplished chefs had the lockdown on the secret of sauces. 

* ding * 

It occurred to me in that moment,  maybe I could learn the mystery of sauces.  I could learn the origins of all these convenience foods, why, if I tried, I could probably learn the origin off all foods as their beginnings have been obscured by industry; bread and cheese and pasta, milkshakes and smoothies, pancakes and crepes, and even pie!  I betchya cakes didn't even originally come out of a box. I would have to learn about spices, the chemistry of eggs and the techniques of applying heat. I could learn about leaveners and the effect of altitude and of pressure.  This was one of my greater epiphanies.  I had a lot of reverse learning in store for I grew up in a Hamburger HelperŪ and potato flakes household, one that favored convenience foods -- pudding out of cups and Uncle Ben's
reconstituted rice -- reconstituted from what? -- school cafeterias where fruit cocktail came out of #10 cans.

It makes me a little bit sad all over again just thinking about it.

Presently I prepare 98% of my own food, and take photos of most of my efforts. I do this because I'm pleased with the food-philosophy I'm developing and I'm attempting to share the things that I've learned.

So there's that.

I'm fond of making satirical animated GIFs, some with unwieldy file sizes and sometimes within tables, most are silly, sardonic and often a little bit dark. Mum, bless 'er, would grimace at my language.  They're not for everybody.

I also make pop-up cards for my family and friends.  They appear careless and sketchy which enhances their charm and belies the thought and labor behind them.  They're totally off the wall and full of win, usually apropos of nothing at all.

These things along with my photography and paintings and such are collected on my web sites and on my blogs . Please feel free to wander about, there are no ads to muddle your navigation.


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Egyptian hieroglyphic finder.
Construct phrases in hieroglyphics by English prompts. Images of hieroglyphic writing, both hand-written and produced in JSesh uploaded to Coppermine photo gallery to avail its reliable "search" feature. A basic understanding of the alphabet is useful as well as the conventinal designations for sounds foreign to English. 

For whatever it's worth to you, I'm a single bloke living in Denver. I have no children, although I do adore them and have nothing against any of that.  I've earned a BSBA through Regis University and my scores were admirable, even if my friends claim those were just a prolonged series of flukes -- don't listen to them, they know nothing of my life in Academialand.